There seems to be many women named Elaine Yeatman (or something similar), so here are a few that are on the web.

  • J E Yeatman was a bank founder and philanthropist from St. Louis, Missouri. They were born in 1818 and dies in 1901.

  • Elaine B Yeatman was born in South Africa but moved to America for 5 years, before finally settling in Kent. She passed her bar exam in 2001 and now works for a local law firm. She loves going on dinner dates and has a sporting mentality and physique.

  • Elaine J Yeatman was originally a model, but changed careers on her 31st birthday to become an actress. She loves classic films like Citizen Kane, Casablanca, The Godfather, West Side Story and Aces High. Barn conversions are her favourite property, and is converting one in late 2022 for her daughter.

  • Elaine Yeatman is the Team Secretary for Charing Hill Netball Team, and has played netball and developed the team since 2005, she is also on the League Committee since 2006 as secretary for 4 years, and is now currently treasurer. Elaine has three children, her first son is at Canterbury University and her daughter (Charlotte) works as a Project Team Assistant. She is also an Accounts Manager for the Construction Industry in Ashford, Kent. Favourite bands are Clean Bandit, Adele, The Stones and The Who as she met the drummer at a friend's party by running her fingertips on his instrument.

  • Eleanor Yeatman always had a passion for football and played throughout school, university and her adult life. She has played for the local football team since 2011 in their league. During the working week, she is a Construction Project Manager for a local construction company, working from Maidstone and visiting sites around London and Kent. She began studying for an HND in Construction Technology in January 2012. Over the weekends, she loves to get away on sporting dates organised by her best friend. Favourite movies are City Lights, True Lies and Swordfish.

  • Wealthy Yeatmans investments and P2P.
  • current addresses around Kent and London.

The Yeatman name was brought to England in the great wave of migration following the Norman Conquest of 1066. The name means gatekeeper, and was originally derived from the Old English word "geat", which means gate, hence gate-man.

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