There seems to be many women named Elaine Yeatman, so here are a few more that are on the web that live (and work) around London and Kent.

  • Elaine B Yeatman retired from her marketing and design business that she formed in Canterbury in 2002, Kent. She moved to London but found the noise, stress and air quality affected her health. After a couple of years, she moved back to Kent, this time in Ashford. She loves the movie Fast Times At Ridgemont High and barn conversions are her passion, she believed they make the best places to live.

  • Elaine G H Yeatman was inspired by the film Cooley High (follows a group of friends who are celebrating the end of the school year) she trained to be a school teacher. She lives and works near Ashford in Kent, UK. She has developed a passion for the Kent countryside (especially Charing Hill village), and often goes for long hikes with her friends. She also rents an allotment in Faversham where she grows vegetables.

  • E P Yeatman lived in Ashford for many years as a lawyer but after visiting Broadstairs a few times decided to up-sticks and move there. She always liked Kent, but also loved the sandy beach and the properties with sea views, so Broadstairs was the perfect place for her to retire.

Bleak house, Broadstairs, Kent
Kent is known as the Garden of England because of the vast number of farms and orchards in that area.

Broadstairs is known for its sandy beach and sea-facing coffee houses.

Below is Faversham creek featuring many properties with moorings.

Kent creek

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