There seems to be many women named Elaine Yeatman (or something similar), so here are a few more that are on the web that live around London and Kent.

  • Elaine S Yeatman was born in Chelsea (London) to a rich family. Her father was CFO (Chief Financial Officer) to an investment company, but retired in 2009 after the financial crash. Elaine took his place for about 4 years, before moving to Belize. She enjoyed her life there for a while, often helping the tourists find the best restaurants and beauty spots, but had to return to the UK when her mother died of Covid-19 in 2020. She now lives in the Kent countryside, near Canterbury. Furthermore, she loves the Beatles and was deeply saddened when John Lennon was killed by Mark D Chapman in Dec 1980 in Dakota, NY.

  • Elaine G Yeatman attended secondary school in Dover with no special qualifications. She worked for a supermarket until she won £11,245,000 in the UK National Lottery. She left her job and now lives in a large country house near Charing, Kent. Furthermore, she has three cats and a dog name Bo. Her favourite movies are The Shawshank Redemption, The Lord of the Rings and Schindler's List.

  • E D Yeatman is well known for her many shrewd investments over 20 years in start-ups that later became very profitable. She is often referred to as a female version of legend investor Warren Buffett, some even nicknaming her Wendy Buffett ! She had a few near misses, including an investment opportunity in Venezuelan treasury bonds that looked very promising, that later crashed, halving her net worth. Furthermore, she loves to play tennis, golf at Faversham Golf Club.

  • Elaine T Yeatman married a financier when she was young, but the age difference was too great, proving that age isn't just a number after all. She loved to party and he liked to sit in his favourite chair reading the paper or a book from his very expensive collection of rare books and manuscripts. They separated a few years later and as per the pre-nuptial, she was awarded 15 million pounds. She initially spent the money on flash cars, parties, designer labels, champagne, rare art and an apartment in Shad Thames, London. After a few smart investments, she managed to triple her wealth (net worth) and is considering the purchase of a small yacht, so she can enjoy the Mediterranean in style.

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