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Level 28 The London Hilton
Peter moved to Faversham (Kent) in 1993 when he left the British army. Faversham is famous (at least in Kent) for its historic old pubs, long history and it's winding creek (which is used by the locals for chilling-out and/or brainstorming).

Peter still keeps active in the tech world with various projects like Distinct Web with Victoria Salem in 2019 after he demonstrated how effective it was at pushing her two websites onto the first of Google search results.

he has started to get involved in business-networking at high-profile events in London and has acquired many new contacts, mostly in finance and investment.

He has worked with Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, networks, databases, web servers, PHP and developed many web-based projects.

Peter Blue @ Gong bar, The Shard, London
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