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10 years ago Salima began hosting luxury events for her discerning network of friends and colleagues.

In 2018 the demand for Salima’s monthly gatherings grew so much that she set up The Luxe Club as a way to highlight a calendar of Soirées and lunches for professionals to connect and build relationships.

Salima’s passion and energy for hosting shows through when her guests attend, and they are welcomed personally by her and introduced to other guests from her network.

In 2022, she developed an interest in cryptocurrencies and has now started regular "Crypto Social" events for professionals dealing with NFTs, DeFi and algorithmic trading systems.

  • Crypto Events in London were initially held in Albert's Private Club but later moved to Jeru in Mayfair, and later moved to Home Grown in Marylebone.
  • NTF Events in London will be held in Jeru in Mayfair from April 2022 and so far there have been two events with 80+ attendees.
  • DeFi Events in London will be held in Mayfair later in 2022.
  • Metaverse Events in London will also be held in Jeru in Mayfair from early 2022.

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