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Mahiki nightclub
Victoria Claire Salem was born in 1988 in Paris (along with her good friend Lydik Grynfeltt). She spent about ten years in London where, due to her passion of business networking, she formed The Golden Network (TGN) and later TGN Coaching with opera singer Katerina Mina. This new company featured interview training and one-to-one coaching around central London.

Despite having a vibrant community of over 600 members (many in finance, banking, technology), TGN was closed down in late 2019 due mostly to the Covid-19 epidemic lock-down.

In the photo is a typical TGN networking night at the famous nightclub Mahiki - also known as a celebrity hang-out.

She co-formed Distinct Web with Peter Blue in 2019 after he demonstrated how effective it was at boosting her two websites up Google search results. This later became part of the very exclusive 'Nightshade Project'.

In 2022, she moved to Delray Beach (Florida) to continue her coaching business there. She is also active on Toastmasters International where she often posts articles.

Below is another typical TGN evening at a newly opened piano bar.
Typical TGN networking event
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